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Some of the brethren who weren’t convinced opposed these teachings and put pressure on Pastor Smith to withdraw the church from its affiliation with Pentecostal Assemblies of the world (PAW).  The CHRISTIAN FAMILY PENTECOSTAL CHURCH commenced as fellowship with  the name Christian Fellowship in the house of District Elder Francis Smith at Corso Regina Margherita n. 127 on 26th day of May 1989. The fellowship comprised of five Ghanaians, a Togolese and a Kenyan. These eight brethren had a vision of winning the city of Torino for the Lord, with the practical initial view of bringing together the immigrant Christians who for one reason or the other  could not have a place of worship. This vision had been a great task to the human point of view however these faithful pioneers had the zeal for the Lord and started visiting and talking to most brethren in the city. At specified days they gathered in  Pastor Smith’s house for prayers asking for the Lord’s direction to the vision.

Having seen that the premises for prayers  could not contain them as the number of the saints are to increase, there had been the need to look for a bigger place . Upon contacting some places without success, they were finally directed to the Waldesian Church where they spoke to the then pastor of the English speaking section of the church who had offered a place  with the agreement that the fellowship would be on its own as a separate body  since the doctrine and the way of worship of the latter was completely different from theirs.

The  first Sunday worship was held on the 25th   of February 1990. With a fervent prayer and evangelism  the Lord added  to the fellowship of over fifty in a period of six  months. The fellowship latter affiliate with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the world Inc. (P.A.W).

As a result of some discrepancies which aroused between the land lord and the fellowship, the latter moved to Via Passalacqua near Porta Susa. In the temple of the Baptist church to use after their Sunday morning service. On the 16th of December 1990, we had our first service on this premises.

Everything started to move alright for some time and the church began to grow both spiritually  and numerically  when there arise a doctrinal argument between Matt.28:29 and Acts 2:38.

As the pastor strongly refused to cooperate with this proposal, these brethren stood on this, to leave the church. The enemy had come in various forms, but the Spirit of God always lift a standard against it.

In June 1993, the fellowship was inaugurated as an established church, and christened ‘Christian Family Pentecostal Church and also became the first African immigrant church here in Torino. Hence, that day became the birthday of the church.

Among so many problems the church encountered one great barrier was reports from the tenants  who were living around our place of worship about our musical noise which disturbed them . With this consistent report we were forced again to look for a convenient place of worship.

On the 3rd of October 1993, the Lord had led us to the meeting hall of “San Paolo e Pietro Cathedral ” of Torino. The  first service in this premises was held on the 17th of October 1993.

The vision of winning the city of Torino for the Lord was not erased in the memories of the leaders despite all these adversities of the enemy. However the problems encountered drew the church back, but at God’s own convenient time He began to add to the church as many as to be saved. Many saints from different African nations who have joined the Christian Family Pentecostal Church and have been baptized in the name of Jesus and had undergone our apostolic teachings and doctrine, are now founders and pastors of various churches here in Torino and elsewhere.  This is to the glory of God.

The church had excelled greatly in overcoming the barrier of language. The Lord provided polyglot brethren who interprets the English language into either French and Italian for the benefit of everybody.

The Prayer Tower of the church which started as far back as 1995 has become a great tool which has brought healing, deliverance, to many who were oppressed according to the power of the Holy Ghost.

The comfort in worshipping at the premises of Parrocchia S.S. Pietro e Paolo had most at times  been interrupted with some minor constructional jobs hence the executives of the church started to look for another place of worship. In March 2002, the hall of worship had been changed to a smaller hall which could not contain our number neither was it  convenient for our apostolic worship without disturbing the surrounding neighbors.
All efforts to get another place of worship became almost impossible, until the Lord had opened the opportunity for the church to acquire our present place of worship.
It took much effort and a whole sacrifice of all the saints to make what we have today as a place of worship.

Admittedly there had been many setbacks and decelerations in the march to achieve the vision, howbeit, the church is not looking back but will go ahead for new strategies to strengthen the hands of all in achieving this great task of the LORD.
The three branches of the church in Milano, Como and Cuneo beginnings of proclaiming the apostolic message across the frontlines of the Italian territory. The vision may tarry but it will sure come to pass.
The church of God today can truly say that birth of many churches in the city today were either direct or indirect offspring of Christian family Pentecostal Church and it is no secret that their greatest inspiration to evangelization of the city is taken from the latter.